A different perspective on things

A different perspective on things

In the last newsletter we covered the challenges faced by security professionals getting the message across of the importance and value of information security. We, as security professionals, all know the value of information security and also understand that you can invest in the latest state of the art security technology. However, if you do not balance the process and more importantly the people element with the investment, all you will do is deliver a level of false reassurance.

So how do we get the message across in a way that it will not be forgotten 25 minutes into the mandatory security awareness training?

The Analogies Project was started in 2013 by Bruce Hallas with a very simple goal to help spread the message of information security and its importance in the modern world. Central to the philosophy of the project is the following quote from Orsen Wells.

“I can think of nothing that an audience won’t understand. The only problem is to interest them; once they are interested, they understand anything in the world.”

This may sound like another bog standard security awareness and training company. What makes the Analogies Project different is that it looks to draw parallels between what people know and find interesting in their day to day life and relate this to information security.

Story telling has been key through out history (and in preserving history). Stories provide facts but also stimulate memories of our own experiences while challenging our own emotions and values. The project likes to look at Information Security as a brand or product and by looking at the science behind product marketing campaigns. It then becomes clear how the science behind how people think could be utilised to influence cultural change towards information security.

From testimonials the project is successfully finding resonating messages for groups and business leaders and striking a cord within and outside of the industry. Contributors come from within and outside of the industry, at all stages in their career and from several nations. There is even a comedian and Professor of Ancient History alongside a range of security professionals. The growing interest in The Analogies Project, and the science behind the project, has helped highlight the value that using a story can deliver when engaging with business leaders to influence cultural change.

The Analogies Project is always looking for new contributors. If you are interested in becoming a contributor or keen to learn more how the project can help you or your organisation go to http://theanalogiesproject.org
To view Brendan Byrne’s latest contribution to the Analogies Project – http://theanalogiesproject.org/the-analogies/sons-panini-sticker-collection/

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