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Bridewell Achieves CREST CSIR and SOC 2 Certification

Tom Cox

Cyber Defence Manager

“With over 8 years of experience in the cyber security industry, Tom is a specialist in building and managing modern security operations. As Bridewell’s Cyber Defence Manager, he is responsible for driving threat-led security operations and efficiently improving clients’ security posture. Before joining Bridewell, Tom worked with financial service and critical national infrastructure (CNI) organisations where he managed their hybrid/ fully managed security operations.

Last week, Bridewell achieved its fourth certification in collaboration with CREST, gaining the Cyber Security Incident Response (CSIR) certification. This new accreditation is the latest of Bridewell’s several existing certifications with CREST for Vulnerability Assessment (VA), Pen Testing and Security Operations Centre (SOC).

“The CREST IR accreditation continues to confirm Bridewell as a leading Incident Response provider that can support the detection, triage, containment and eradication of complex threats in a structured and methodical way,” says Tom Cox, Cyber Defence Manager at Bridewell, “It also cements the value we can provide to our existing and future clients looking to engage in a modern Incident Response or fully Managed Detection and Response service.”

Further enhancing Bridewell’s Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service, as well as Bridewell’s Incident Response Retainer Service, this will allow clients to better respond to critical threats to their organisation. As companies evaluate their need for a fully managed SOC service, a CSIR accreditation provides yet further evidence of the value an MDR provider can offer over traditional MSSP services.

The accreditation required Bridewell to compile and centralise its incident response documentation as well as work closely with clients to provide detailed and valuable case studies. Bridewell was able to obtain CREST IR with zero advisories showing a high level of maturity within this space.

Becoming SOC 2 Accredited

This latest certification follows Bridewell successfully completing a SOC 2 audit from the AICPA in recent months. SOC 2 governs how organisations manage their customer’s data, and is a reliable measure for third-party vendors of an organisation’s ability to securely handle their data.  The audit reviewed Bridewell’s relevant controls and was assured they met the following five trust principles:

  1. Security
  2. Availability
  3. Processing integrity
  4. Confidentiality
  5. Privacy

The completion of this audit, in conjunction with CREST CSIR, provides further proof of Bridewell’s capabilities as a trusted partner to critical and highly-regulated industries. For companies searching for managed SOC services or an MDR provider, a SOC 2 accreditation should form part of their decision-making criteria. To increase your organisations cyber resilience and maturity in step with a rapidly evolving threat landscape, seeking highly certified service providers is a sure way to work with a partner qualified to resolve your specific challenges.

For more information on how Bridewell’s SOC services can support your organisation, please speak to one of our team at 0330 3110 940 or email us at

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