Cloud Security Assessments

What is a Cloud Security Assessment?​

A Cloud Security Assessment is an independent, consultative evaluation of your cloud security posture. Bridewell undertake these assessments so you are fully clued in to how your critical assets and data are secured. This could be before you start migrating over to the cloud, if your move is in progress, or even if you already have a cloud solution in place.

More organisations are finding themselves migrating over to the cloud. In doing so, any organisation must secure their critical assets and data, as they adapt to a digital environment. With many of the leading cloud providers being huge companies, it’s no secret why there is an enormous level of trust in their abilities to provide appropriate cloud security, vulnerability management and data protection.

However, many organisations are still apprehensive of cloud security as it pertains to their business, client and consumer data, which proves a common obstacle for them as they transform to a cloud environment. For many businesses, there also lies an issue of how they implement and configure their cloud environments.

Even if such an environment is tight-knit, secure and well-managed, it is still prone to potential security failures. In several cases, failures are caused when companies underestimate and undermine security during the implementation stage because in doing so, they fail to secure all their cloud resources.

That being said, a thorough, well-implemented and closely-monitored cloud environment is as secure as any other type of hosting environment. Bridewell are experienced cloud security experts who can ensure your organisation has implemented all the necessary steps to secure both your cloud infrastructure, compliance and configuration. We do this via a Cloud Security Assessment.

Why Do You Need a Cloud Security Assessment?​

When implementing cloud security best practices, it’s important to remember these impact and affect multiple areas within an organisation. If your security posture can be improved, it makes sense to do it as a collective, rather than strengthen one area. Cyber security needs to be a business-centric concern, rather than a responsibility which falls upon one person or team.

Therefore, Bridewell recommends you pose the following questions before you seek a Cyber Security Assessment.

  1. Have security procedures and policies been updated to include cloud?
  2. Are there compliance procedures in place for new employees, as well as those who change roles or leave?
  3. Are all systems thoroughly vetted to industry standards?
  4. Is your organisation using multi-factor authentication?
  5. Is all sensitive material encrypted over public networks?
  6. Does the cloud provider have measures in place for backups and data recovery?
  7. Are the latest security patches being installed regularly, and tested before being deployed to live servers?
  8. Is all sensitive information encrypted on servers at rest and in transit?


A Cloud Security Assessment can bring enormous value to an organisation in the long-term. Here are just a few reasons why such an assessment may help your organisation in the long-term.

  • Your organisation wants to move to the cloud, but you need to be aware of all the potential risks.
  • You’ve already migrated to the cloud, but the infrastructure is completely different, and you want to guarantee that it’s secure from potential cybersecurity threats.
  • Your business migrated to enhance your efficiency and compliance. Still, you are hearing of many cyber-attacks on IT assets, and want to ensure your environment can be protected from such an attack.
  • You want the expert opinion from cybersecurity experts, who are authorised by many regulatory bodies.
  • You are unsure of the correct configurations and infrastructure to implement for your organisation while in the cloud.
  • You want to be aware of what measures to take should an emergency arise.


Bridewell can help your organisation with all of the above and more, to increase your confidence in your cloud security posture. We want to give you peace of mind as you move your applications and services out of physical environments and into a digital one. A thorough, expansive and diverse Cloud Security Assessment can assure you of future decisions on whether adopting cloud services is the best way forward for your organisation.

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard

When your organisation uses cloud services, you have to meet the minimum PCI DSS compliance standards. You will need to audit where card data is stored and transmitted, how users are inputting card numbers and enforce any data loss prevention policies for transmitted cloud data. You will likely need strong password solutions for any apps your organisation use to be PCI DSS compliant.

What is Involved With a Cloud Security Assessment? ​

The cloud security services we provide under each assessment, utilise an assortment of manual and automated procedures, covering:


Bridewell’s cloud security consultants can assess how your cloud services have been designed and managed. We will take a look at public platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, to assess your account management, privilege allocation, root account security and determine any potential risks, no matter how serious.

Cloud Environment

Bridewell will examine the security of your cloud instances, cover the build and management of individual machines, virtual networking components, and how effective your cloud security operations are.

We provide technical understanding, experience and bespoke solutions to allow our clients to thoroughly benefit from the enormous opportunities that exist within a cloud-based, digital environment. We will equip you with the knowledge and best practices to ensure your data security, risk management and cloud security posture is strong to deal with any potential cybersecurity threats.

Cloud Security Experts​

Bridewell Consulting can help your organisation successfully and safely migrate over to the cloud, based on your business requirements. We are also experienced in penetration testing and Red Teamexercises using our proven methodologies, to comprehensively detect any security threats present in web applications, wireless networks and mobile devices.

We are recognised CEH, CREST, and Tiger-certified cyber security professionals, who can help you with numerous services to ensure your business, consumers, applications and infrastructure are all protected.

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