Helping CNI Organisations Transform Cyber Resilience Through Threat Intelligence

Understanding cyber threats should be a major goal for any organisation. Knowing what constitutes a cyber threat and defining your threat intelligence requirements helps you make more informed decisions that increase cyber resilience. These benefits can extend beyond your organisation and into the wider community if this information is both gathered and shared within your sector or industry.

Below are a number of resources to support your understanding of what cyber threat intelligence is, some of the specific threats exist within your industry, and how threat intelligence can be shared more effectively.

CYBERUK 2022 Presentation

View Martin Riley’s, Director of Managed Security Services, recent  presentation from CYBERUK 2022.

CYBERUK 2022 Handout

Access a digital copy of our CYBERUK 2022 handout, featuring insights from our latest CNI research.


See some of the common tactics, techniques, and procedures used by adversaries against enterprise networks

OS Intelligence Sources

Access top resources for open source intelligence gathered from publicly available sources.

Intelligence Sharing Templates

Help format your own cyber threat intelligence for distribution with the wider community.