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Cryptography services are not just about the mathematics of the algorithms used in the cryptographic hardware and software solutions but how these solutions are architected, implemented, run and audited within an organisations estate.

Bridewell Consulting offer a range of cryptographic consulting and delivery engagements to organisations to help them understand how to implement new solutions or to validate the integrity of existing cryptographic services.

The Integrity of Cryptographic solutions must be maintained throughout its entire lifecycle and this is a key area where Bridewell can assist.


Being able to demonstrate the trust and integrity within a cryptographic key management solution means that the integrity of the services that rely on the cryptographic solution can be demonstrated, whether it is a software or a Hardware Security Module (HSM) based cryptographic solution.  This enables trust that the service is safeguarding the assets and information it was designed to.

Finding cryptographic key management specialists with the relevant skills and practical experience can at times can be difficult, and to maintain key management teams within organisations can be an expensive exercise. Using experienced consultancy services in this field can assist organisations to either augment their teams, or seek independent advice and guidance as to the status of their cryptography services.

Having a better understanding of your existing services can help you develop new business and service opportunities.

How We Can Help

Bridewell consultants have many years’ experience of designing, implementing, running and decommissioning cryptographic key management systems and services for both public and private sector clients. This experience has been developed over the past 20 years implementing card payment networks, implementing payment scheme certificate authorities, implementing PCI-DSS compliance commerce cryptographic solutions, and implementing HMG cryptographic services.

Bridewell cost effective and flexible engagement model for cryptographic consultancy services means we can assist customers in a number of ways:

  • Audit and assurance reviews of existing cryptographic services.
  • Design and implementation of key management services.
  • Implementation of Cryptographic Key Management Solutions. E.g. Thales and IBM etc.
  • Implementation / updating key management processes and procedures in line with requirements of
    • Visa
    • Mastercard
    • NIST
    • ISO 11568 (Banking Key Management)
    • ISO 11770 (Security techniques – Key management)
    • PCI-DSS
  • Decommissioning of Key management systems and services.
  • Installation and implementation of Hardware Security Modules (HSM) E.g. Thales, IBM etc.

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