Data Privacy Management Framework

Be a Data Privacy Leader in Your Sector.

An effective Data Privacy Management Framework (DPMF) can help your business ensure that sensitive and personal data is fully protected and responsibly used.

At Bridewell, we’ve developed our own DPMF, founded on two decades of experience, a deep understanding of data legislation and the highest levels of industry certification.

This powerful yet flexible model lets you establish fit-for-purpose privacy measures at strategic, operational or tactical levels, creating maximum peace of mind for you, your stakeholders and your customers.

How it Works

Our DPMF is based on ten established domains, and conforms to the precepts of the influential NIST Privacy Framework. Using the Bridewell DPMF provides you with clear guidance and direction on all core areas, including:

  • Acquiring a holistic view of how you’re currently positioned with regard to data privacy and GDPR compliance
  • Identifying your target maturity state, in light of regulatory requirements, your own risk appetite and a range of other considerations
  • Setting out clear and attainable steps for your business to become fully compliant.

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