Data Protection Officer-as-a-Service

An All-Inclusive, GDPR-Compliant Solution to Your Data Privacy Needs.

By outsourcing the role of Data Protection Officer to Bridewell, you’ll have a dedicated, highly experienced Bridewell DPO who can tailor their extensive knowledge to the needs of your business.

The result? A comprehensive, fully accountable data protection, data privacy and cyber security management service that protects your enterprise in compulsory and non-compulsory environments alike.

Your Bridewell DPO takes full ownership of your data protection activities for total reassurance. If your data use is governed by GDPR, there’s no better way to avoid the substantial fines that can result from failing to comply.

What Can a Bridewell DPO for You?​

Optimise Your Strategy – Help you adopt a bespoke, best-practice approach to data protection, while taking full ownership of its implementation.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance – As well as being an expert in GDPR, your Bridewell DPO can operate independently according to European Data Protection Board (EDPB) guidelines.

Coordinate All Data-Related Activity – Your DPO can manage a wide range of vital tasks, from Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs) to the monitoring of data subjects, identifying potential breaches, privacy auditing, governance, privacy policy and more.

At a Glance: Key Features of Data Protection-As-A-Service

GDPR Compliance Monitoring

Advice and Insight on Data Privacy

Practical Training of Personnel

Data Protection Strategy Development
Planning and Recording of Activities
Maintaining Data Protection Plans
Assistance with Data Impact Assessments
Liaising with Supervisory Authorities (e.g. the ICO)

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