Digital Forensics & Incident Response (DFIR)

Respond to Any Attack, Swiftly and Decisively.

If your business does fall victim to a cyber-attack, you need to respond fast to be sure of safeguarding your networks, systems, data and assets.

To help you do so with maximum effect and minimum risk to your organisation, Bridewell provides a modern DFIR capability enhanced by cloud technology and an expert team. This enables you to rebound from the severest of breaches, without the need for specialist in-house staff.

How it Works

Incident Response

If a breach occurs, our responders and analysts have the tools and expertise to help you act decisively. Using proven processes and advanced threat analysis, they’ll determine the extent of any compromise while providing clear, concise guidance at every stage until the issue is dealt with. Our approach covers both IT and OT environments, and can leverage Microsoft tools where required.

Digital Forensics

Often used by law enforcement to analyse evidence, digital forensics ensures that we’re able to capture, correctly catalogue and track the evidence required to support legal proceedings.

How it Works

$3.5 million

the average cost of a data breach


new malware samples created and spread each day


of breaches involve poor or stolen password


of senior managers admit to accidentally leaking business data

DFIR From Bridewell - The Core Functions

Helping you Prepare

  • Incident response readiness evaluation for your business, with gap remediation
  • Tailored incident management framework to guide you through response procedures
  • Incident response training to help your staff locate and respond to emerging threats
  • Wargaming – practical tests and exercises to perfect your response capability

Helping you Respond

  • Investigation and response by a certified incident handler, both on-site and remote
  • Remote remediation and advice from our SOC and incident response teams
  • Containment and eradication to limit and neutralise the attack
  • Compromise assessment, to search all log sources for other malicious activity and ensure peace of mind

Helping you Recover

  • “Lessons learned” analysis to understand the root causes of a breach, even in the most complex environment
  • Recovery advice and consultancy to ensure your teams are thoroughly prepared for future breaches

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