And Finally . . . Hacking . . . it’s a PIZZA cake

And Finally . . . Hacking . . . it’s a PIZZA cake

Looking back at the news items over the past year, one hack stands out.

We all know what data matters to us and needs safeguarding. However, how would you feel if it became public knowledge that you were a HOT & SPICY person? Would you feel like your privacy had been invaded?

The Domino’s Hacking Incident

In June 2014 hackers stole information relating to 600,000 Domino’s pizza customers, threatening to make public their details if they were not paid £24,000. The hackers managed to break into vulnerable servers that were shared by Domino’s stores based in France and Belgium. Dominos did admit they had a problem with a server but were quick to point out that no customer financial (credit/debit card) data had been stolen.

That said, the information stolen did contain customers’ full names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, passwords and delivery instructions. Also, perhaps most importantly, the individual’s favourite pizza toppings. As Dominos decided not to meet the ransom demand, the hackers will most likely be looking for another buyer for this data.


On a serious note, it does highlight that hackers are always looking for weak links and will try and gain some form of financial benefit from an organisation. Regardless of Dominos reassurances, a significant amount of personal information was stolen and in all likelihood user names and passwords may well be valid on sites where personal financial details could be obtained.

In this instance, the hackers were looking for financial gain. Whether they deliberately targeted Dominos or they simply found the company had vulnerable servers by chance is unclear. There is the possibility that the hackers just preferred Pizza Hut or Pizza Express where they were planning to spend most of their ransom money!!

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