Incident Response

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The Bridewell Incident Response & Management service offers organisations the opportunity to engage with experienced consultants to better understand how their organisation would handle and deal with a major incident such as a cyber breach. The service helps organisations mitigate the risks they face by implementing and testing the processes needed to be able to manage such a security incident.


Having an executive level endorsed incident response and management process means organisations are better placed to respond to and minimise the impact, financially and reputationally, to their organisation in the event of a major incident.

Being able to identify and prevent the propagation of an incident in a timely manner will significantly mitigate risks to an organisation and reduce the risk of future incidents occurring.

With an effective incident response plan, you will be able to detect incidents at an earlier stage and develop an effective defence against the attack.

How We Can Help

Our industry recognised consultants have years of experience of designing organisations incident management processes and procedures as well as working with organisations in managing and investigating major incidents and conducting lessons learned and process improvements. 

Bridewell can help organisations:

  • design and implement their incident response and management processes
  • assess their operation against or to achieve certification against ISO27035 Information Security Incident Management
  • mitigate the damage of ongoing incidents
  • recover from security breaches
  • investigate lessons learned and process improvements
  • integrate with business continuity and disaster recovery planning and testing
  • better understand the level of risk they face

Being able to affectively respond and manage incidents is a prominent requirement of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). (Refer to our GDPR Readiness Service for more information).

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