Bridewell Information Technology Risk services will enable your organisation to identify the threats and vulnerabilities that you face. We are able to quantify and qualify your risk profile and provide you with an accurate risk assessment. Our advice will allow you to make an informed decision on the necessary investment in information security and technology.

The Challenge

The way business is conducted is continually changing. There are major developments in technology and a greater reliance on outsourcing and third parties. The expansion of traditional network boundaries has created interconnected supply chains resulting in an increase in the number of threats and vulnerabilities. These risks should not be ignored and need to be qualified and quantified before flexible and adaptive risk management processes and procedures can be put in place.

This process should be part of an organisation wide risk assessment that recognises information and technology risk as no less important than traditional financial risk. An all encompassing view of the importance of this should be a key focus of executive management.

Bridewell GRC Services

Bridewell Consulting differentiates between Information, Technology and IT Risk. Our risk consultants can work with you to establish an organisational framework that allows you to recognise your risk tolerance.

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