Infrastructure Penetration Testing

Active, Independent Testing to Ensure the Safety of Your Business

Also known as “ethical hacking”, Infrastructure Penetration Testing (ITS) gives you a clear, evidence-based understanding of how secure your networks actually are, while helping to prevent significant issues from developing down the line.

Bridewell creates a bespoke ITS strategy to suit your primary main concerns. Our goal-orientated process simulates a range of attacks using methods favoured by actual cyber criminals. 

As well as identifying vulnerabilities in systems that outwardly seem secure, and the likely extent of any damage, a robust ITS process also helps you fulfil key regulatory requirements (such as PCI DSS, which requires yearly penetration testing).

How it Works

Penetration Testing covers all your internal and external systems and devices, using a range of scanners, frameworks and specialist technologies.

Today’s successful businesses have immensely complex IT infrastructures. Our consultants are all CEH, CREST and Tiger-certified, so they can meet the challenge of safeguarding your business.

We also test your servers, storage and any other devices that connect to your systems. A single weakness in any of these could enable hackers to access other parts of your system, through privilege escalation of leapfrogging.

Types of Infrastructure Testing​

  • External Penetration Testing – This identifies flaws in your public-facing systems and devices exposed to the Internet. Tests are conducted remotely, as if from the perspective of an attacker on Web.
  • Internal Penetration Testing – These tests focus on desktop computers, internal servers and networking devices. They involve plugging into internal networks as if the attacker has already infiltrated the network.
  • Vulnerability Assessment – A vital part of every security testing procedure, and involves assessing, reporting and prioritising areas of vulnerability within your security infrastructure.
  • White and Black Box Testing – White Box testing is carried out by a tester who knows the internal structure of your systems, while Black Box is performed by someone without that knowledge.
  • Other types of Penetration Testing – We can also carry out penetration testing on specific applications, networks and mobile estates

How Infrastructure Testing Can Help​

Penetration testing is commonly known as ethical hacking. There are numerous benefits of penetration testing. Whether you have an internal IT team or not, IPT can ultimately bring your business some clarity and understanding of how secure your networks are, and help prevent significant issues from developing down the line.

Bridewell Consulting can create a bespoke Penetration Test strategy which will suit your business’ primary security concerns to help provide the following:

  • an understanding of how internal and external attackers could potentially compromise your network
  • an awareness of how damaging network penetration could be
  • an insight into the potential damage an attack can cause
  • the ability to comfortably manage any vulnerabilities
  • no additional costs and reputation damage as a result of a security breach
  • assurance to your customers, consumers and regulators that all current (and future) data is fully secure
  • hard evidence that you are complying with the appropriate regulations and standards
  • a full understanding of what your business’ best practice will be to ensure long-term compliance

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