What is MDR?

The definition of a Managed Detection and Response or otherwise known as MDR is a solution offered usually by third security experts such as Bridewell to protect data and other assets through identification and containments of threats. MDR services usually consist of advanced threat intelligence capabilities to send alerts, analytics with human oversight to respond to any vulnerabilities or incidents .

Bridewell’s Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is a managed Threat Detection and Response service that can keep your business safe 24×7/365 by reducing the cost and impact of cyber security threats and attacks. We have a deeply experienced cyber team of experts that harnesses the power of Microsoft’s industry-leading tools and solutions in order to deliver:

  • 24x7 real-time alert management, detection and rapid incident response.
  • A fully comprehensive protection model covering endpoint, cloud, network and on-premises telemetry.
  • Pro-active Threat Hunting capabilities, looking for existing compromise.
  • Regular research and intelligence led reporting to drive performance, educate and reduce risk.
  • 100% bespoke deployment, configuration, compliance and management - guaranteeing maximised protection.
  • Industry leading and industry recognised security expertise supporting and elevating your cyber security posture to the next level.

Bridewell security teams focuses on aligning to organisations outcomes and strategy to rapidly reduce their cyber risk, and the dwell time of breaches, whilst driving up the ROI of Security Operations.

How can this service help?

In partnership with the customer, Bridewell’s Services leverages the skills and processes of our agile SOC and takes advantage of the latest Extended Detection and Response (XDR), Cloud SIEM and SOAR technology to improve security operations performance.


Organisations can lean on the Bridewell MDR as a complete outsource model in order to develop capability and coverage quickly, or our preferred approach, is to create a cohesive Hybrid SOC model where both Bridewell and our customers work collaboratively to address threats.


 By enabling Microsoft’s security tools features, we can unlock the latest Microsoft Cloud, Endpoint and Hybrid Identity detection and response technologies. If you are already invested in Microsoft 365 we can maximise your existing licensing and technology investment to provide greater ROI.


Our Managed Detection and response leverage the power of the Microsoft Security Reference Architecture, allowing us to rapidly deploy and configure the Sentinel SIEM and SOAR which enables the rapid deployment of an efficient and automated security response.

Bridewell Consulting has the skills and resources to relieve your operational challenges and we can assist organisations in several ways by:

  • Aligning success to our customers goals
  • Pro-active threat monitoring via our security operations centre
  • Increasing security coverages whilst improving alert fidelity to reduce noise.
  • Actively reduce dwell times with containment and disruption activities
  • Maximising the investments in existing security technologies
  • Creating a Hybrid SOC model
  • Malware, Deep and Dark Web threat intelligence
  • Automating security events and integrations and operations

Bridewell's MDR service offers the following benefits and advantages:

We are always proactive, through response, threat detection and intelligence.

Deliver a people led service and threat led detection to integrate tightly into your business.

Data ownership - All the customers, so no lock-in

Enabling and supporting secure digital transformation

Leveraging existing investments to reduce costs.

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