Managed Detection and Response

Keeping Your Business Safe, 24/7

Drawing on the power of Microsoft cloud technology, we provide a fully managed detection and response service that’s aligned with your organisational strategy.

It’s all delivered by our experienced security team. The result? A sharp drop in cyber risk, quicker containment following a breach, and an overall rise in the ROI of your security operations.

How It Works

Our MDR approach lets you choose between a fully outsourced model or a Hybrid Security Operations Centre (SOC), where our team works together with yours to address threats.

Using our agile SOC, as well as the latest SOAR, Cloud SIEM and Extended Detection and Response (XDR) technology, we provide you with tailored security that’s second to none. Our approach uses advanced templates and automation, while drawing on the Microsoft Security Reference Architecture.

By leveraging Microsoft 365, we’re able to harness the latest Microsoft Cloud, Endpoint and Identity Detection and Response capability. This also allows existing Microsoft customers to maximise their licensing ROI.

How Can This Service Help?

In partnership with you, we leverage the skills and processes of our agile SOC and take advantage of the latest Extended Detection and Response (XDR)Cloud SIEM and SOAR technology to improve security operations performance.

Organisations can lean on the Bridewell MDR as a complete outsource model in order to develop capability and coverage quickly, or our preferred approach, is to create a cohesive Hybrid SOC model where both Bridewell and our customers work collaboratively to address threats.

By enabling Microsoft’s security tools features, we can unlock the latest Microsoft Cloud, Endpoint and Hybrid Identity detection and response technologies. If you are already invested in Microsoft 365 we can maximise your existing licensing and technology investment to provide greater ROI.

Our Managed Detection and Response leverages the power of the Microsoft Security Reference Architecture, allowing us to rapidly deploy and configure the Sentinel SIEM and SOAR which enables the rapid deployment of an efficient and automated security response.

Bridewell has the skills and resources to relieve your operational challenges and we can assist organisations in several ways by:

What You Get With Bridewell's MDR Services


High-end cyber security from a recognised industry leader

Comprehensive Solution

Covers endpoint, cloud, network, on-premises telemetry and more

Security Intelligence

Improved security intelligence Regular reporting for greater insight and performance

100% Bespoke To You

From design and deployment to day-to-day management


Dynamic Threat Hunting puts you on the front foot


Real-time alert management, detection and rapid response 365 days of the year

Greater Coverage

Complete with higher alert fidelity to reduce “noise”

Process Efficiency

Automated security integrations and operations

Lower Costs

By leveraging your existing technology investments

100% Data Ownership

It’s all yours, so no lock-in

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