Managed Security Services

Threats Never Stop Evolving. Neither Do We.

Bridewell are focused on securing our clients’ information, technology and networks from any possible cyber security threats they may face.

In today’s digital world, the threats never stop evolving. Neither does your Bridewell team. We believe “protection is ideal, but detection is a must”, and that every organisation needs robust defensive support and enhanced cyber skills at its disposal, regardless of whether it seeks to outsource its cyber security.

Bridewell’s Managed Security Services team is highly qualified and experienced, with certification encompassing GIAC, CREST, CompTIA, Offensive Security, Cisco and Microsoft.

Explore Our Managed Security Services

Available 24/7, our cyber security experts work quickly and closely with you to detect and respond to advanced threats. By deploying leading-edge technology at both host and network layers, we can monitor threat indicators, enable advanced analytics and respond to any incident. Bridewell’s response team can mobilise certified incident handlers immediately to investigate, advise and remediate, with pre-emptive training available to minimise risk of a breach.

Our SIEM service helps you harnesses industry leading technology to identify security threats across environments of any size. Advanced detection rules are customised to each environment and analysed by experts 24/7.

If your business is unfortunate to fall victim to a cyber attack, responding fast is crucial to ensure the safeguarding of your networks, systems, data and assets.

To help you do so with maximum effect and minimum risk to your organisation, Bridewell provides a modern DFIR capability enhanced by cloud technology and an expert team. 

Our CTI analysts track campaigns and threat actors to provide intelligence across tactical, operational, and strategic levels. This proactive, comprehensive service also monitors closed-source forums and the dark web for any mentions of your business.

Drawing on our next-generation security capabilities, this vital support service monitors all parts of your digital estate for vulnerabilities and risks. Our team will inform you immediately about any areas of weakness and recommend efficient, cost-effective action.

Why Use Bridewell Managed Security Services?

  • To know that your cyber security is being handled by a dedicated, expert team
  • To have specified aspects of your cyber security monitored on a 24x7x365 basis
  • To ensure rapid action and response as soon as an incident occurs
  • To quickly identify areas of weakness
  • To develop a forward-looking understanding of the threat landscape
  • To harness the power of advanced orchestration and response

What Our Clients Say

“Bridewell really impressed us with how organised they were when it came to getting the pilot SOC underway and they drove the team which was exactly what we needed. We knew that Bridewell had the relevant experience in aviation as well, being ASSURE accredited, so we avoided the pitfalls and complications which can arise in this sector.”

Head of Cyber Security Operations, MAG

Managed Security Services FAQs​

These managed security services are designed to support organisations by outsourcing monitoring and management of security devices and systems. Some services may offer a range of different services, but typically include managed firewall, intrusion detection system (IDS), security information and event management (SIEM), endpoint detection and response (EDR), and vulnerability scanning. Managed security solutions often use high-availability security operations centres (SOC) which provide 24/7 security services designed to reduce the number of operational personnel an enterprise needs to hire, train, and retain to maintain an acceptable cyber defence.

Managed services outsources the responsibility for maintaining services such as network, web application, cloud computing, and infrastructure via ongoing and regular support. This is an alternative to the break/fix or on-demand outsourcing model where the provider performs on-demand services.

Managed detection and response delivers 24/7 advanced threat monitoring, detection and response services. MDR leverages a combination of technologies deployed at the host and network layers, advanced detection analytics, threat intelligence, and human expertise in security incident investigation and response. MDR services undertake incident validation, and offers remote response services such as threat containment, and remote forensics.

We work closely with every customer to ensure their requirements are understood and met through our range of industry leading security services. This could be an organization early on in their security journey and requiring an MSSP service to reduce detection and response times by leveraging our MDR service. Our professionals are highly experienced and certified to high standards to ensure a high quality of service is provided.

No, our cyber security professionals speak a wide range of languages and we are able to provide services across Europe and beyond.

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