Mobile Penetration Tests

What are Mobile Penetration Tests?

We are all aware of how versatile and essential mobile applications and devices are to the average consumer, but the same can arguably be said for many businesses. Smartphones have become a staple for many organisations to operate. As time has gone on, smartphones are increasingly becoming enablers for companies to carry out day-to-day business activities, within several locations. 

Mobile devices now need to be considered as key access points to an organisation’s environment, which has posed a growing issue. Hackers have shifted many of their efforts to mobile applications. Unfortunately, the reality is that while mobile apps facilitate everyday life for us, the increasing use of technology has created room for innovative new methods of mobile security attacks from hackers.

Mobile Application Penetration Testing

For many businesses, mobile applications are vital to their strategy, operations and overall brand image. If a mobile app was to fall victim to an attack, and any sensitive data or information was compromised, it could have cataclysmic effects on a business and its consumers. This is why mobile application security is vital, and the best way to guarantee long-term security of data and information, is via mobile penetration testing.

By conducting mobile penetration tests, cybersecurity consultants like Bridewell Consulting can gain insight into potential loopholes, vulnerabilities and attack vectors in a mobile app via application testing. This boils down to analysing the code, design and application architecture which the client can rectify before releasing the application to the general public. Mobile application penetration testing focuses on hardware, network and file system security as part of its penetration tests.

Mobile application security testing is essential for both consumers and providers, as detailed analysis of all security, configuration and data vulnerabilities are easier to fix before the app has gone live. Should there be a breach or flaw discovered once the app has reached general availability, the costs can be considerably higher for organisations, particularly as far as customer trust, brand recognition and reputation are concerned.

The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI DSS), has developed a number of robust and comprehensive standards and supporting materials to enhance payment card data security. PCI DSS requirements state that this type of security testing must be performed annually. Bridewell Consulting provide support to various organisations including merchants and Service Providers.

How to ensure Mobile Application Security​

Mobile application penetration testing will isolate and identify any vulnerabilities and loopholes within your business’ mobile infrastructure. Bridewell Consulting will generate reports which will pinpoint and prioritise the issues that have been found, and the potential effects these issues can have on web applications, software and networks if they are not correctly rectified. Bridewell Consulting believe that an essential part of any application security protocol, should involve a thorough, in-depth penetration test to protect data, information and ensure long-lasting mobile security.

For all penetration testing services, Bridewell Consulting’s team of CREST, CEH and Tiger-certified security penetration testers, will conduct an ethical hack on a mobile device or application. This is so we can determine all possible issues from within the system from an attacker’s point of view. 

Bridewell Mobile Penetration Tests Include:

  • Configuration of the mobile app hosting environment
  • Evaluation of the point of access legitimacy
  • Enumeration of existing and potential security
  • Assert recommended best practices for the mobile application

Bridewell Consulting include OWASP Mobile Security into all of our standard operating procedures, using both automated and manual testing technology to identify security flaws, based on every unique mobile application. We provide a thorough and detailed security testing service.

Our Mobile Application Penetration Test Procedures

Analysis of the Physical Device

  • Internal Database
  • Files
  • Storage

Analysis of Client-Side Application

  • Reverse Engineering
  • Web Services and API Backend
  • Application Functionality
  • Jailbreak and Root Protection

Analysis of Server-Side Application

  • Incorporates Normal Web App Testing
  • Data at Rest
  • Data in Motion

To ensure consistency in our approach to application penetration services, Bridewell Consulting use the OWASP Top Ten framework, along with carefully-selected industry sources. Our mobile penetration testing identifies numerous application vulnerabilities and security flaws, either as a registered or unregistered user with no access to the internal application features.

Certified Mobile Penetration Testers

The team here at Bridewell Consulting are experienced application penetration testing specialists, who have utilised our vast amount of resources and knowledge to pinpoint the best procedures which guarantee mobile application security. We realise how vital mobile applications are to a business, and how even the tiniest of flaws or vulnerabilities leave the door open to hackers, who can gain access to important and sensitive data without so much as being detected. In some cases, a cyber hacker can go undetected for many months before any breaches have been raised, which poses a huge security concern.

We highly recommend testing mobile applications to ensure they are adhering to your recommended security guidelines. Application testing can go a long way in guaranteeing your consumers stay with you. Bridewell Consulting can assist you with every step of the penetration testing process, no matter what your organisation’s concerns and long-term goals are. We believe safeguarding your data is just as important as testing mobile apps from a functionality and user experience standpoint.

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