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New Cyber Vulnerabilities. Do You Have It Covered?

In today’s dynamic technology environments, new vulnerabilities and risks arise as fast as older ones get remediated. As attackers become more and more sophisticated, and as IT innovation continues to pick up pace, the escalation of cyber risk can easily overwhelm organisations with limited resources.

2019 will no doubt bring waves of consolidation and innovation to the cyber security market as investors decide which start-ups will provide the strongest defences to businesses in need of them.

Global spending on security products and services closed out 2018 in excess of $114 billion, marking a 12.4% increase from 2017, Gartner research indicates. This year, the security market is expected to grow 8.7% and hit $124 billion as security leaders aim to use technology to help organisations become more competitive, addressing a broad landscape of risks and varying corporate needs.

Whilst there are increasing levels of machine learning, Artificial Intelligence and automated processes to support effective operations, cyber security is still a human-centric field. It requires boots on the ground to operate security monitoring systems, detect and evaluate anomalies, and respond to cyber incidents. Security professionals are also needed to ensure compliance with applicable data security standards and train other employees on cyber security best practices. In turn, preventing them from falling prey to phishing and other social engineering schemes.

However, recruiting and retaining the right resources with all the skills required is a significant challenge. What options are available that can help bridge this gap?

To address this issue in an expeditious manner, you could seek to partner with a cyber security consultancy, such as Bridewell Consulting. We provide security consultants who can operate within any organisation as a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Cyber Security Manager and operational security roles, which immediately starts to address an area of gaps and commence improving an organisation’s cyber security posture.

We deliver many of these functions as a service. This provides you with named resources that understand your organisation but can also draw upon other specific skills such as penetration testing or incident response, as and when required. In addition, this service can be delivered on a part-time basis. It provides you with a full set of security and compliance skills, required to manage your cyber security and compliance requirements, whilst not having the headache of employee retention. This service can also be utilised to bolster or lead an existing security team, addressing short term gaps, whilst long term strategic requirements are addressed.

At Bridewell we believe it is important to be vendor agnostic. This allows us to engage in open business and security discussions with executives and technical team members. It ensures that any security requirements and solutions are fit for purpose and align with an organisation’s risk appetite and business objectives. We do not have a primary bias towards any vendor, product or security solution, it is about what is the right solution for your business.

We are in it for the long term, as a trusted partner, to assist you on your cyber security journey and beyond.

For further information or a no commitment chat, on any of the above, please give us a call on 03303 110 940. We can help.

Written By Lise Cook

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