Penetration Testing Accreditation

Our Penetration Testing Accreditations

In order to protect and be one step ahead of the hackers, Bridewell’s Penetration Testing service is all about your business gaining a technical independent security assurance that your critical systems are operating securely and allowing you to demonstrate accountability over the data you process.

Bridewell are accredited by the Council for Registered Ethical Security Testers (CREST) for Penetration Testing (ethical hacking) and also possess Certified Cyber Security Consultancy status with the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC).

We pride ourselves on offering a professional, independent assessment service, which is supported by a professional, customer focused approach.

We have a global customer base, across a range of industries and provide flexible commercial arrangements to suit your needs whether this a one-off engagement or a requirement for ongoing testing. We are capable of responding at short notice should that be required.

Bridewell’s mission is to operate as a trusted partner and advisor to our client, building lasting relationships and this is achieved via our people, methodologies and customer service approach whereby we always ensure our client requirements are met and exceeded where possible.

In the words of CREST:

“Anyone with a computer and an Internet connection can set themselves up as a penetration testing…service provider. These could include irresponsible organisations that do not have in place policies, processes and procedures to ensure quality of service and protection of client-based information. The individuals employed by these companies may have no demonstrable skill, knowledge or competence but an impressive CV. This makes the procurement of these important services difficult and problematic.”

Bridewell, as a CREST accredited organisation submit yearly policies, procedures and methodologies to CREST with full re-accreditation every 3 years. This is also supported by CREST industry qualifications and CREST registered professionals all of which have been endorsed by the UK Government, the NCSC.

Consultants Who Can Help​

Bridewell perform a penetration test following our proven methodologies, while also using our knowledge of external frameworks to thoroughly, comprehensively detect any security threats present. Our services are delivered by recognised CEH, CREST and Tiger-certified experts in various services.

We are capable of conducting a variety of penetration tests to ensure all vulnerabilities are identified, your infrastructure and applications safe, thus helping ensure long-term security for your consumers.

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