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Advanced Security Testing Services for IT

Security testing is an intentional process designed to reveal flaws in security mechanisms, systems and processes that are in place to protect the assets of an organisation, such as data or intellectual property (IP). The testing is also designed to validate and maintain the correct functionality of a system or service.

The Bridewell Security testing services offers organisations the ability to review all aspects of their systems and services, the design, the infrastructure, the applications, the interaction of technologies, the processes and the people.

Our services also offer the opportunity for organisation to create a secure foundation that balances the functional needs of the business along with the need to protect the organisations assets. The services also enable organisations to proactively monitor and review new and emerging threats, apply the mitigation to prevent the exploitation of a vulnerability.

 Our Testing Services


Security Testing offers organisations the chance to fully understand vulnerabilities within their estate and to understand the risk of such vulnerabilities being realistically exploited. Organisations would far prefer to discover such vulnerabilities in a controlled manner as opposed to them being exploited either accidentally or maliciously leading to an incident impacting services. Incidents have a knock-on effect, operationally, financially and impacting the reputation of the organisation.

Depending on the severity of such an incident it could lead to the intervention of legal and regulatory authorities who may hold the organisations executives accountable.

It is important that organisations use security testing in a manner that fully scopes and tests appropriately. Scoping a security test that focuses only on one small element of a system within an organisation that has been developed in a secure way can provide an organisation with a false sense of security.

Security testing benefits organisations in many ways:

  • It helps organisations to constantly assess business critical applications and services.
  • Maintain the performance and availability of customer systems and services.
  • It provides a better overall insight of vulnerabilities within your estate and how to address and manage them.
  • An organisions leadership are better informed and can manage risk more effectively.
  • Lessons learned from errors made in designing systems or applications to be avoided in the future.
  • Organisations can better measure compliance with legal and regulatory obligations in delivering secure systems and services.
  • Organisations will be better able to respond to security incidents and minimise the impact to the organisation and customers.
  • Automation means organisations instantly mitigate identified vulnerabilities.


We believe companies require a phased, proactive approach to information security testing. They can then demonstrate increased levels of assurance in a project or application development life cycle and can remedy faults or implement controls before a potential vulnerability is exploited. They should be able to make informed “go” or “no go” decisions based on risk assessment.

Bridewell consultants and our approved partners have experience of security testing infrastructure, applications, physical premises and corporate processes and procedures. We can assist in the definition of testing strategies and processes, as well as assisting in the integration of testing practice in project and software development life cycles.

Bridewell Consulting advocates security by design. To achieve this it is vital that security testing is embedded into your operational practices and standard project and software development. Bridewell Consulting can help you achieve this.

Penetration Testing

Our flexible engagement model allows us to engage with clients who have aggressive timescales. We can ensure their projects / applications are properly tested so they clearly understand any potential vulnerabilities. Clients can then make an informed decision about proceeding to deployment. We can also add value by providing options to mitigate risks where a deadline cannot be missed.

Bridewell Consulting provides penetration testing services in accordance with CHECK, CREST and PCI-DSS requirements. Penetration Testing is a process undertaken internally and externally to identify technical vulnerabilities that can be potentially exploited by an external attack or disaffected internal user.

Our security testing team use a mix of manual and automated penetration testing techniques. Testing involves searching for known and unknown hardware and software vulnerabilities. On completion you will be provided with a vulnerability report detailing recommended controls and fixes. Once our recommendations have been acted upon, we can re-test.

Our services include:

Infrastructure Security Testing as a Service (ISTaaS)

  • IT Health Check
  • Infrastructure Security Testing

Application Security Testing as a Service (ASTaaS)

  • Application Security Testing
  • Implementing Security in the software development lifecycle
  • Code review

Mobile Security Testing as a Service (MSTaaS)

  • Mobile applications and device Security Testing

Wireless Security Testing as a Service (WSTaaS)

  • Wireless Testing

Social Engineering as a Service (SEaaS)

  • Social Engineering
  • Physical Security
  • Testing processes and procedures


Security Configuration Hardening

  • Operating System Hardening
  • Server Hardening
  • Network Hardening


Vulnerability Scanning and Automation

Fully managed Internal and External Scan service offerings covering:

  • Network
  • Gateways
  • Systems and Servers
  • Automated service.

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