Red Team Assessment

The Ultimate Test of Your Security Infrastructure.

While a standard Penetration Test might last around one to two weeks, a Red Team Assessment is a sustained, intense “benign attack” on your infrastructure by an elite group of professionals acting in concert over several months.

Put simply, there’s no better way to gauge your current resilience, as well as your detection and response readiness.    

Bridewell’s Red Teams emulate real-world attacks, of the type favoured by skilled, highly motivated hackers who want to compromise your systems at any cost. Their approach is credited with helping organisations expand and enhance their problem-solving abilities.

Red vs. Blue Assessment

While Red Teams are internal or external groups who test security programs by emulating the tools and techniques of likely attackers in a realistic way, they shouldn’t be confused with Blue Teams. Blue Teams refer to the proactive defence teams that protect systems and networks from attackers.

How It Works

A typical Red Team engagement combines a number of specialist technologies and tools, which may include:

  • Phishing and social engineering tests
  • Physical breaches
  • Software and system breaches
  • Modem access via telephone lines
  • Wireless system tests
  • RF system tests

Our Red Team operatives have a huge amount of experience and can ensure their activities pose no operational risk to your business. They work closely with your in-house IT team, with total transparency about what is being tested and how.

As well as assessing your systems, A Red Team also assesses your people and processes. At the end of the exercise, you’ll receive a detailed security assessment and risk-rated findings to guide your security planning and improvement.

Key Phases of a Red Team Assessment

  • Using Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) and other methods, we gather information on your organisation and employees. This may also involve social engineering attacks like phishing.
  • While remaining undetected, we perform system and network scans and surveillance to gain information.
  • Other activity is also undertaken to try and obtain a foothold on the network. Testers may gain covert access to your premises and attach a custom-built computer to a spare network port, thereby enabling access to your networks via a cellular connection.
  • Once the system has been compromised, we attempt to achieve the predetermined goal we agreed with you at the consultation stage.

Red Team Security Experts​

Often, clients are not always in control of every aspect of their systems’ security. They may outsource certain aspects such as physical security, cybersecurity monitoring or outside firms for IT systems. One thing is for sure, Bridewell Consulting can conduct a systematic evaluation of your company’s network and systems that will give you an extensive understanding of your organisation’s security.

We have the resources, methodology and experience to perform every test in a safe manner that won’t leave you with any operational risks to deal with once we have finished.

We approach each exercise as we would any of our other Penetration Testing services. We will always remain transparent with you, as per our rules of engagement, to ensure you and our engineers know exactly what is being tested and how. With Bridewell, all of us stay completely approachable at all times. Your information will not be compromised once we have completed our assessment

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