Remember, Data is Beautiful.

Remember, Data is Beautiful.

By Anthony Dickinson – Principle Consultant at Bridewell Consulting

Everyone has seen the COVID19 graphs, maps and dashboards and we will continue to see these for the foreseeable future. Below is the main interactive dashboard from Johns Hopkins University (the main source of the datasets used by the media):


Whilst the context of the dashboard makes for depressing reading, the presentation of the data is wonderful.

Here at Bridewell Consulting we love to try new and novel ways to present data to engage and interact with the desired audience (sometimes the data is so so boring we have to try!)

In this short blog article, we present some interesting, unusual and amusing datasets around the impact and knock-on effect this current situation is having on us all.

Nothing stops the 8pm Applause

Just Eat recorded a significant drop in activity on their UK platform last week during the 8pm applause for the NHS:

Battle of Britain: Boris Johnson v Joe Wicks

In the straight battle between Boris Johnson and Joe Wicks, Boris is just winning! Yes we are surprised and why are people in the UK googling Boris Johnson?

Where’s my flight?

The number of tracked flights by flightradar24 has dropped by over 60% in the last 3 weeks.

What is important to you…? Toilet Rolls v Tinder

Before all this, dating was important, but briefly the UK population was more concerned about the lack of toilet rolls. Each to their own!

How long can you last?

Got a supply of toilet roll? Do you know how long it will last?

Can you hear us?

We have all looked out of the window and said it looks a bit quiet out there. has gone one step further to prove this reduction in noise:

Drastic times call for drastic measures! Barbershop v How to cut hair

How I wish I was bald in these times…

London isn’t moving

Citymapper ( shows a dramatic decrease (down to 8% of average) in movement within London.

Stay in or going out? Delivery v Pub v Restaurant v Cinema

As expected, the search term ‘delivery’ has rapidly increased over the last few weeks, with the going out terms (Pub, Cinema or Restaurant) nose diving.

The Video Conference weapon of choice. Hangouts v Skype v Zoom v Teams

Poor Google Hangouts. It has been left behind in the rise in popularity of video conferencing tools in recent weeks.

Other pieces… 

Johns Hopkins University Dashboard:

Github Blog on Open Collaboration on COVID-19 datasets

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Information is Beautiful

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By Anthony Dickinson – Principle Consultant at Bridewell Consulting

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