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Bridewell’s experienced professionals can undertake both qualitative and quantitative risk assessments for organisations depending on requirements and what is the most beneficial to the organisation.

Our service can help identify the threats and vulnerabilities facing an organisation and assist them to make informed cost effective decisions regarding investment in information security and technology. This can be done at an organisation wide level, or the service can be delivered focusing on individual projects or initiatives.


The way business is conducted is continually changing. There are major developments in technology and a greater reliance on outsourcing and third parties. The expansion of traditional network boundaries has created interconnected supply chains resulting in an increase in the number of threats and vulnerabilities. These risks should not be ignored and need to be qualified and quantified before flexible and adaptive risk management processes and procedures can be put in place.

This process should be part of an organisation wide risk assessment that recognises information and technology risk as no less important than traditional financial risk. An all-encompassing view of the importance of this should be a key focus of executive management.

Organisations who recognise this and understand the intrinsic link between the various types of risk are best placed to manage risk, respond to incidents, demonstrate legal and regulatory compliance and inspire trust in their organisation that the assets of the organisation and that of their customers are safeguarded appropriately.

This can have a financial benefit for organisations as they will be better positioned to expand into new business opportunities thus giving the organisation a competitive advantage.

How We Can Help

Our Industry experienced consultants have helped organisations in all sectors of industry to understand the nature and number of risks they face. The following are examples of assessments we regularly perform: –

  • Business Impact Assessments
  • Privacy Impact Assessments
  • Third party Risk Assessments
  • Cyber Security Risk Assessments
  • HMG Risk Assessments
  • Code of Connection Assessments e.g. PSN
  • PCI DSS Assessments
  • ISO Standards Assessments


The assessments can be conducted at an organisational wide or on a project level basis, and against whatever standard is required.

Our risk assessments can be performed for large and small organisations and we have experience of conducting and managing risk assessments for organisations who operate in multiple countries.

Our methodologies also allow us to undertake risk assessments of third party suppliers in a cost effective and efficient way offering an initial online risk assessment service that can be used by organisions to decide if a further more detailed investigation of the third party is required (See Audit and Review service offering).

We can help organisations to define risk assessment strategies and integrate these into their risk management approach but also integrate the strategy into the wider IT and Business strategies.

Our Bridewell professionals working on client engagements utilise the latest risk assessment software to improve the quality and agility of our assessments. The software is used by our professionals on engagements and is also available as a managed service to organisations if required.

The advantage of the Bridewell risk assessment tool is that it ensures that risk assessments are carried out in a repeatable consistent manner and it provides organisations with a dash board highlighting the main areas of risk to the organisation. The tooling has the added benefit in that it can demonstrate to organisations the evolution and reduction of risks, which can demonstrate successful returns on investment and provide tangible evidence of the effectiveness of risk management.

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