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Risk Management includes the evaluation and/or establishing current and proposed security controls for asset protection and how well they identify or protect against threats, vulnerabilities, and likelihood of loss.

The Bridewell risk management service can be utilised in several ways by organisations.

Bridewell can provide an Information Risk Management service and integrate it with the operational and business risk teams. We also work with companies to better understand their risk tolerance levels and define the strategy and frameworks for on-going risk management. Or we frequently provide expert consultancy to help organisation interpret and understand the numerous sources of threat intelligence, vulnerability scanning, penetration test results, and risk assessments they may have accumulated.

The Bridewell risk management offering is comprehensive and has something for all organisations.


With the greater interconnectivity of organisations operations and systems, and the closer integration of organisations with their suppliers and customers, the impact and effect of a cyber incident to organisations can have wide reaching and lasting consequences both financially and to the reputation.

To avoid this risk management must be an integrated organisational function that equally considers and assesses business, operational, and information and technology risk. This requires fully understanding the interactions and dependencies across the business, fully understanding the nature and value of the company assets, and the potential impact in the event of a vulnerability being exploited.

Having a comprehensive view of risk across an organisation means you are better placed to apply pragmatic and cost effective risk reduction strategies. You will be better placed to adopt new standards and legislation that apply to your line of business and seamlessly adapt to new business strategies. You will be well positioned to manage the consequences of changing risk levels and develop appropriate continuity plans.  You will also be able to demonstrate to customers and investors that your organisation manages risk in a competent manner which could lead to new market opportunities.

How We Can Help

Our consultants have many years of experience in risk management and our approach continues to evolve in line with changes in how business is conducted, advances in technology, and in line with new and emerging threats to organisations. Our professionals undertake engagements with organisations of all sizes (large international companies, SMEs etc.) and in all sectors of industry both public and private.

We offer full teams, resources to augment existing teams, or we can simply provide subject matter strategic advice, helping organisations: 

  • To create or deliver against risk management strategies and programs. Define policies.
  • Develop risk tolerance guidelines.
  • Develop business continuity and resilience plans.
  • Interpret Risk Assessments, benchmarking and threat intelligence applying it to your organisation.
  • Provide education awareness and training on risk management to the organisation.
  • Standardise risk management across all third party suppliers.
  • Help organisations to manage and pragmatically reduce risk.

Most organisations realise the importance of risk management and related risk assessments; however, they quickly discover that the task is more involved than anticipated. The Bridewell service is designed to help establish a comprehensive risk management program with standards and guidelines that will mitigate the probability of loss and its impact to organisations. Many organisations can be daunted by the challenge of risk management. Bridewell can help guide organisations on the road to successful and beneficial risk management.

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