Security Information & Event Management (SIEM)

Enhanced Threat Awareness Across Multi-Cloud Environments

As the volume and variety of cyberattacks skyrockets, effective monitoring and detection of threats has never been more important.

Most vitally, your chosen solution needs to work in a unified way across your entire infrastructure, with a multi-cloud ethos that encompasses private, public and hybrid cloud options, as well as on-premises.

Our Approach

Bridewell’s Managed SIEM overlays our people and processes onto Microsoft Azure Sentinel. This gives you a clear, comprehensive and real-time view of your whole security landscape, along with the insight you need to stay ahead of current and future threats.

Our security analysts create your fully bespoke solution using cutting-edge AI and SOAR (Security Automation, Orchestration and Response) technology. This is then deployed, configured and operated via the cloud using Microsoft Azure.

Everything is accessible through an intuitive cloud-based dashboard, and integrated into the Bridewell Security Portal.

How Our Managed SIEM Works


To develop a clear picture of your needs, situation and challenges, we collect and analyse security data from around your cloud and on-premises infrastructure.


Tactical, strategic and operational reporting and trend analysis are key part of our scanning process. It can take many forms, from point-in-time critical response advisories to weekly, monthly and quarterly briefings.


We design a SIEM solution tailored to your system architecture, while proactively hunting for further threats with a blend of live feeds and AI.


Your SIEM solution launches, complete with orchestration and automated playbooks that help systems to self-heal. This frees analysts to focus on more intricate risks.

Manage & Optimise

Our team manages your solutions 24-7, integrating and optimising data feeds and automation so it improves over time.

Our Bridewell's Managed SIEM Provides

  • Peace of mind
  • Lower operational costs
  • Better ROI on your Microsoft licensing
  • Total control of your data
  • Role-Based Access Control
  • Scalable storage with Azure
  • Powerful data-querying functionality
  • Read-only storage for total data integrity

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