What is a SOC?

The definition of a Security Operation Centre (SOC) is simply a facility that is either provided by a third party such as Bridewell or in house to monitor 24/7, analyse, maintain and improve an organisation’s cyber security covering all IT infrastructure, networks including the cloud. The dedicated SOC team will typically use a suite of automated monitoring tools plus follow rigorous processes and procedures to detect and respond to all information security incidents.

Our Service

In response to organisations’ facing the continuous threat of a data security breach, the Bridewell Security Operations Centre (SOC) offerings consists of two key elements depending on a business’s requirement. Experienced consultants to either lead or augment existing teams in the selection and implementation of a SOC solution. Both of these solutions helps those companies and organisations’ who simply lack the expertise and resource to take on these tasks. If you are looking for a managed SOC Bridewell can provide a cost effective and flexible SOC solution that includes 24/7 monitoring of cloud and internal infrastructure.


The main benefit to an organisation is that their estate is under continuous protective monitoring 24/7 365 helping to combat security incidents and vulnerabilities.

In respect of business continuity, this enables organisations to be kept abreast of security threats in real time and can react and manage them accordingly. Their “information technology” estate (which could include systems, data, software, devices, servers, networks, databases, applications,) is protected and the assets and those of the organisations customers. 

How Our Security Operations (SOC) Team Can Help

Our industry experienced professionals of designing operating and managing SOCs for organisations, or as part of an organisations customer service offerings. Aside from adhering to best practice, we fully understand the complexities of a SOC and the need for robust designed processes and procedures to operate at an optimal level delivering the most value to our customer.

We can assist organisations in several ways by providing consultancy to:

  • Assist in the ICT design or operations of a SOC.
  • Review and assist in the selection of SOC solutions.
  • The creation of relevant policies, processes, standards and guidelines to ensure compliance.
  • Leading project managing or augmenting teams in the implementation of a chosen solution.

We can provide an organisation a cost effective SOC protection which includes:

  • Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM).
  • Attacks and Intrusion Detection / Prevention.
  • Cyber and threat Intelligence.

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