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A Complete, Cutting-Edge Menu of Security Services

Bridewell’s services are grouped into four main areas, although the options for deployment and customisation are endless and unique to each client. Whether you’re looking to design a cyber security infrastructure from scratch, or want to test your risk, optimise or rethink your current arrangements, the sections below will help you understand the benefits of each area in detail, and its possibilities for your business.

Protecting your data and infrastructure from risk takes many forms. From securing your cloud environments to achieving the highest levels of cyber security compliance, our consultants are ready and waiting to help you maximise resilience.

Nothing beats knowing that a specialist team has it covered 24/7. Our managed services encompass Detection & Response, Cyber Threat Intelligence, SIEM, SOAR, Vulnerability Scanning and more, to give you the utmost peace of mind.

Simulated cyber attacks by a specialist team are one of the best ways to test your system security. We provide reality-based penetration testing for all aspects of your digital estate, from your infrastructure and applications to mobile devices, wireless networks and people processes. 

Managing third party data is a major responsibility that’s governed by stringent regulation. From GDPR assessments to data mapping, data privacy training, incident response and more, our services reveal how well your data management measures up, and how you can improve it.

Our Approach

1. Understand

We listen and learn about your business challenges, goals, ambitions, strategic drivers and culture.

2. Assess

We assess you current risk position relative to your needs and goals, and develop a roadmap for optimising your cyber-security.

3. Design

We design solutions, processes and strategies that allow you to achieve the desired state of security and effectiveness.

4. Implement

We draw on our experience and expertise to implement the agreed technical solutions, governance, compliance frameworks and migration processes.

5. Manage

We operate as an extension of your own cyber security team, delivering tangible, value-added cyber security on a 24/7 basis.

6. Optimise

We use our agile yet focused methodology to evolve and optimise your solution over time, to maximise value.

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