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Having an Information Security Manager is vital for any company that is serious about dealing with the current cyber threats and information security aspects that concern every business with a digital footprint.  Brand reputation, share price and financial remediation costs are all negative impacts but more so having a robust security management system is proving to be a competitive advantage for organisations today.

Cyber Security skills are at an all-time high in terms of demand, which makes it very difficult to employee the right person and also very difficult to retain them.  This is why at Bridewell Consulting we wanted to create a service that can provide an organisation with a security expert without the fear of them leaving, having to recruit again and invest hours with induction costs etc.

  • On-site security manager operates on a time and materials basis, which can prove to be more cost effective then employing full time members of staff.
  • We have designed a specific methodology that will analyse tasks required for compliance to specific standards e.g. ISO27001, time taken to complete those tasks and can provide an on-site security manager for those specific requirements.


However, if you need support delivering a key project such as a new platform build or you are running a security programme, our people have the expertise and commitment to delivery excellence that will enable you to succeed.

Using our Assessment, Planning, Deliver and Improve methodology we are able to integrate security effectively into organisations and provide a security presence that allows our clients to give confidence to their clients.

If you require a security resource for a specific engagement then please get in touch and we will be happy to support you.

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