Case Study: Gwent Police

Within the Public Sector, Police Forces and Local Authorities are subject to a number of cyber and information security compliance requirements. These requirements are usually dependent on their particular function,…

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Whatever The Weather

When compiling a business continuity plan, the focus for most UK businesses usually is not on major natural disasters (i.e. tsunamis, earthquakes or volcano eruptions), for obvious reasons. However, depending on…

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How To Get ISO27001 Certified

If you own or work within a growing or well-established organisation, you may have come across a client requirement stating you must be ISO27001 certified or aligned. In a nutshell,…

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Case Study: Attraqt

Client: Attraqt Service: ISO 27001 services, vulnerability scanning and penetration testing Objective: Achieve  ISO 27001 accreditation Bridewell Consulting provides expertise to achieve IS027001 accreditation Attraqt provides leading retailers with the ability…

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