Is the UK really that bad?

Is the UK really that bad?

The start of a new year is an exciting time. The reports of the previous year’s security incidents are published and numerous suppliers, having gazed into their crystal balls, provide warnings of the threats we face in the year ahead.

One report that stood out was the Breach Level Index Report. It provided analysis of all of the major and minor losses of data by organisations during 2014. The type of data breach the report covers includes the theft or compromise of personal identifiable information such as names, addresses, national insurance numbers, as well as the theft of financial information such as credit cards. In 2014 there was a marked increase in incidents relating to personal identifiable information compared to 2013, when there were more incidents relating to financial information.

Increasing Data Breaches

What will not come as a surprise to most people is that the number of global data breaches in 2014 was up 46% from 1,056 in 2013 to 1540 in 2014. Over 55% of the incidents occurred in the retail sector with the financial sector accounting for another 20%.

Whilst globally this may not sound like many, when you consider the number of data records affected by the breaches increased by 78%, to more than one billion, it will make many C-Level executives take notice. To put that in context, in 2014, approximately 32 data records were either lost or stolen every second.

Within Europe there were 190 data breaches reported with over 60% of them occurring in the UK, which after the United States, was the second highest in the world. This does not necessarily put the UK in a favourable light. However, we may need to take into account that the Breach Level Index was compiled from reported incidents and information on incidents in the public domain. Is the UK really that bad or is the UK in fact better at identifying and more open about reporting data breaches than the rest of Europe?

It will be interesting to see the trends for 2015 and how the UK will fare in next year’s report.

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