Understanding The Modern Hacker

Understanding The Modern Hacker

Bridewell’s very own Senior Penetration Tester, Mike McGrath, partners with SC Magazine to create awareness and understanding of the modern hacker.

Mike comments: ‘Public understanding of the hacker has improved despite some preposterous portrayals in huge Hollywood movies from WarGames to Swordfish. Moving away from the stereotype self-taught whiz kid or rogue programmer, more recent hit television shows such as Mr Robot have had superb consultancy and been much more accurate in their terminology and the tools used.’

‘In business there is still a need for greater understanding of the new techniques and security issues that are emerging all the time and it is now nigh on impossible for businesses to completely future-proof their organisation from a cyber-attack. Many organisations have lost a significant amount of their stock market value from a poorly managed response to such an attack. In this environment it is vital for businesses to learn how to best protect themselves against the new generation of hackers.’

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