Virtual Security Manager


Having a virtual security manager can help your company deal with ad-hoc challenges that you may not have the current capability to deal with on your own.

We provide a pay-as-you go type service whereby clients can gain instant access to a security expert to provide advice and guidance relating to security and compliance matters. This service is very useful for small to medium enterprises that may not have a daily need for security resources but do have ad-hoc challenges that need addressing.  CEO’s, Finance Directors, Lawyers, IT Managers and local privately owned companies are able to reach out to security experts by email, telephone or have an on-site presence if required.

Our employees have informed global organisations on key areas of the UK Data Protection Act and how to prepare for the EU Draft Regulations.  This has ranged from the Pharmaceutical Industries through to UK Central Government and all this resource and expertise is available to all of our VSM customers.

What Bridewell Can Assist With

Once a client is registered under VSM they have access to our secure portal area, which provides them with a VSM request form.

We then provide an initial response outlining what is required based on the complexity of the request.  This can range but is not limited to:

• Verification of a technical approach from a security perspective
• Design verification for complying with various security standards
• Business development and response support, constructing professional responses for organisations bidding for new work.
• Supplier selection support.  Helping clients through an RFP and due diligence phase of selecting a new supplier.
• Data privacy advice and support such as conducting a privacy impact assessment on new project.
• Ad-hoc security questions
• Policy development request.  For example writing a cryptographic key management document.
• Advice dealing with newly publicised vulnerabilities such as HeartBleed, ShellShock, WinShock or FREAK.

This service provides an excellent cost-effective service for ad-hoc support and guidance, better still registering for the service is completely free.

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