Vulnerability Assessment

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A vulnerability assessment is the process of identifying, quantifying and prioritising the vulnerabilities in computer systems, applications and network infrastructures and providing an organisation, doing the assessment, with the necessary knowledge, awareness and risk background to understand the threats to its environment in order to react appropriately.

Bridewell Consulting’s accredited and certified vulnerability assessments provides organisations with a cost-effective solution for continued assurance.

Continued Assurance

A fully automated Vulnerability Assessment Scanning can cover large suites of known vulnerabilities and performing a penetration test is a technical deep dive into every perceivable flaw of a system or application. However, a penetration test  will only ever be a point in time assessment.  A vulnerability assessment will demonstrate your ongoing commitment to ensure your infrastructure or product is continually assessed and subsequently secured.

Managed by Professionals

Our solution has been externally assessed, evaluated and approved by CREST to ensure it is an accurate representation of the latest threats an organisation can face. Bridewell Consulting’s Vulnerability Assessment Services are configured and managed by our highly skilled consultants who will deliver a dedicated report following the assessment.


Our reporting ensures that organisations not only receives an overall view of the latest performance of their infrastructure/application, but that over a period of time, they can provide demonstrable improvements to their internal and external stakeholders.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Vulnerability Assessment

  • Initial Assessment. Identifying the assets and define the risk and critical value of each device (based on client input).
  • System baseline definition
  • Performing the vulnerability scan
  • Vulnerability assessment report

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