Where shall I stick it?

Where shall I stick it?

We are witnessing major advancements in technology. It is a challenge for security professionals and risk managers to keep pace with these advancements. They need to ensure that the risks of adopting new technologies are known and that appropriate risk mitigation and controls are in place.

Advancements in data storage have been notable. Starting out from the humble floppy disk through to USB and more recently micro USB drives with vast data storage capability. There have been numerous reports in the press about data loss such as USB drives found in car parks. Given the amount of data these devices now store, security professionals have been battling to control and manage the use of such devices and prevent the loss of data assets.

The latest technology that may enter the market and create a whole new challenge is the dataSTICKIE .

A dataSTICKIE in layman terms is a smart post-it note with data storage capability. The dataSTICKIE comprises a sheet of grapheme (grapheme is a thin layer of carbon molecules aligned in such a way that it is both highly flexible and able to conduct electricity) sandwiched between two protective layers that potentially provide as much as 32GB of storage. The way it works is that users tear a dataSTICKIE from their post-it note type pad and attach it to a screen that has an Optical Data Transfer Surface attached. The user then simply drags and drops the files they want onto the dataSTICKIE.

An experienced security professional has observed “How handy now you can download the information onto the dataSTICKIE and write the password on it as well”!!

Currently it is unclear what challenge other than the accessibility to USB ports (which is not a major problem) the dataSTICKIE is looking to address. Thankfully, for now, the dataSTICKIE is only at the conceptual level. It does however raise the interesting question what will be the next new challenge information security professionals face?

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