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Introducing Bridewell: The New Name for Bridewell Consulting  

Bridewell has developed significantly in the last few years. We’ve undergone massive growth that has seen us working together with more organisations in a wider range of critical sectors and offering an improved suite of cyber security services. To support this growth, we’ve opened new offices across the UK, expanded into the US, and built a larger team who share our commitment to delivering real business impact for our customers. 

As we’ve grown, we’ve also begun working together with the wider cyber security community to drive positive outcomes for more than just our customers. In collaboration with the UK’s leading regulators, industry bodies and universities we’re helping determine national cyber security strategy and training the next generation of cyber security experts. As we work more widely across the world of cyber security, our mission continues to be supporting organisations as a globally recognised cyber security company that clients want to work with, and people want to work for.  

With this mind, we’re proud to announce the next step for Bridewell Consulting. We’re refreshing our brand and updating our name to ‘Bridewell’. 

Why the Update? 

Bridewell better fits the business we are today, encompassing everything we do and offer our customers. Consulting continues to be a core part of our business, but it doesn’t reflect all the work we do with our customers in cyber security, managed security services, penetration testing or data privacy. Updating our name to Bridewell more clearly defines who we are, aligns with our broader offering to organisations and our exciting plans for the future. 

“When Bridewell first started, we were originally focused on consulting but as we’ve grown, we’ve branched out towards other services,” says Anthony Young, co-CEO at Bridewell. “Updating our name to Bridewell makes it more relevant to who we are today and will be a better fit going forward. Our mission at Bridewell has always been to avoid stagnation and evaluate how we can improve the business; this new name better aligns with that belief.” 

“The needs of our customers are as varied and individual as their businesses”, says Scott Nicholson, co-CEO at Bridewell. “The refresh to Bridewell helps us more effectively communicate to existing and potential customers the cross-services company we are today. We want Bridewell to be synonymous with cyber security, managed security services, penetration testing and data privacy – not just our consulting. Whilst consulting continues to be important to us, we ultimately want businesses to recognise us for the full suite of services that we provide beyond it.”  

Cyber Security. Together. 

“At Bridewell, we understand that the best approach to cyber security is a collaborative one,” says Mark Terry, Head of Marketing at Bridewell, “This understanding is central to how we operate and the success we continue to have protecting our customers’ organisations. As a business and as individuals, we are dedicated to helping each other develop and grow so we have the appropriate skills to match our customers’ needs.”

As part of our brand refresh, we’re redefining our four solution areas to better communicate how they can support our customers.

Cyber Security Services

Transform Your Cyber Security Posture.

With cyber security services as unique as your organisation, our industry experts seek to understand your challenges and are perfectly placed to help develop solutions that build resilience, deliver against industry standards and deliver real business value.

Managed Security Services

The Proactive Approach to Cyber Defence and Response.

Keeping critical systems secure 24/7, our intelligence-led team of experts and range of managed security services monitor, detect, prevent and respond to increasingly intelligent cyber threats.

Penetration Testing Services

Leaving No Threats Untested.

Put your systems to the test. Our expert team deliver technical, independent penetration testing services, which simulate how attackers could exploit your vulnerabilities, then work with key stakeholders, to provide clear guidance how these can be mitigated.

Data Privacy Services

Bringing Clarity Data Privacy and Compliance

Effective data management is critical to the success of any organisation. Our data privacy services ensure you meet evolving regulatory and compliance demands, build trust in the personal data being processed and help respond more efficiently to market changes and customer needs.

What’s Being Updated? 

Our refresh is about clearly presenting customers with all the ways we can work together to support their cyber security needs. We’ll continue to do the same work we’ve always done with the same quality they’ve come to expect. By refining how we communicate our range of services, we want to show that working with us can benefit their organisation with significantly more than purely consulting services.  

Here are some of the main updates: 

  • We are working hard on a new website. See for a preview of what’s to come, but expect more variety of content and thought leadership 
  • New email addresses. Existing emails will continue to work with no disruption. 
  • Refreshed branding with sharper designs and imagery which focus on the people who deliver our award-winning work 

With our customers constantly evolving, the change to Bridewell reflects that we’re adapting at the same pace and are ready to meet their needs today and going forward. We’re excited to take this next step in Bridewell’s journey with you.

If you’d like to learn more about our brand refresh or see how this update can help your organisation’s cyber security needs going forward, speak to one of our team! Call them on 0330 3110 940 or email us at

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