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If your organisation collects or shares personal data on behalf of customers, staff or other third parties, then data privacy has to be a key priority. Unsurprisingly, failure to comply with stringent data privacy laws like GDPR can result in heavy fines and penalties, as well as reputational risk.


An organisation that can clearly demonstrate to its customers that it proactively addresses the individual’s data privacy concerns can inspire customer confidence.  The customer will trust in their organisation that personal data is handled and protected in accordance with the organisations legal and regulatory obligations. Knowing that customers can trust the organisation offers the potential of new services being adopted by the customer base further enhancing their brand reputation.

In adopting the principle of data privacy by design organisations will:

  • Understand the types of personal data they have
  • Understand how they process and transfer the data (the data flows).
  • Understand how to protect the data.
  • Understand what legal and regulatory considerations there are.
  • Respond and handle any incidents in a timely manner.
  • Make informed risk based decisions and assessments of:
    • Existing systems
    • New projects and initiatives.
    • The selection of new IT products.

Bridewell Data Privacy Services

Bridewell have been working in data protection for over 20 years and have experienced experienced data privacy consultants, industry proven methodologies and have supported a number of organisations and industries in complying with applicable privacy requirements. We have individuals with leading privacy experience and certifications such as the Chartered Information Privacy Professional / Europe (CIPP/E), Chartered Information Privacy Technologist (CIPT) and Data Protection Practitioner (PC.dp) as well as certifications in the new General Data Protection Regulation. We pride ourselves on acting as a trusted advisor for our clients and being able to interpret privacy legislation and ensure it is practically implemented into our clients’ business operations.

Our approach to compliance is no different to other information data security standards or regulatory requirements.

The basic principles are:

  1. A clearly defined strategy.
  2. Organisational wide controls.
  3. Processes and procedures (one of which will be the continual reassessment of the effectiveness of the data privacy/ protection programme).

Bridewell Consulting is an advocate of Secure by Design, and Data Privacy needs to be embedded into the full lifecycle of projects from gap analysis, planning and design through to the management and governance of the build and run phases.

Why use Bridewell Data Privacy Services?

We offer a complete portfolio of data privacy services to meet the needs of your business, whatever its size or structure. Our expert teams can help you understand how well your current data management processes conform to regulations, and amend them to protect customers and meet the operational and administrative requirements for your sector. 

  • To ensure you meet your legal and regulatory obligations with regard to customer data
  • To protect your customers and staff
  • To minimise the chances of a data breach
  • To know that any data breach will be dealt with swiftly, by a specialist team
  • To understand and optimise the way data flows within your systems
  • To embed data privacy best practice in your organisational culture

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