Vulnerability Management Services

Identify and Fortify Areas Vulnerable to Attack.

Any software application can carry weaknesses that cyber-attackers may exploit. It’s therefore vital to be aware of these vulnerabilities so you can deal with them before that happens.

Our Vulnerability Management Services (VMS) give you a thorough, comprehensive understanding of your overall security posture, with detailed predictions of where an attack is most likely to strike. With our help, you can then take measures to shore up these gaps and maximise your cyber security performance.

How it Works​

Backed by years of vulnerability testing experience, our consultants tailor their Vulnerability Management approach to the needs of your business.

This risk-based, best-practice method actively identifies, investigates and actions responses to any vulnerabilities. It includes internal, external or internet application-based assessments, and comprises the following components:


Our team coordinates remediation efforts with your business units and key stakeholders, ensuring the correct recommendations are carried out, from patch management to alternative options as appropriate.


Tactical, strategic and operational reporting and trend analysis are key part of our scanning process. It can take many forms, from point-in-time critical response advisories to weekly, monthly and quarterly briefings.

Assess and Prioritise

After scanning, we actively investigate and assess any emerging vulnerabilities, using our Cyber Threat Intelligence capability to highlight all potential risks and help you prioritise those that need the most urgent attention.


We use sensors to carry out proactive scanning for vulnerabilities across your entire network, while also executing passive detection sweeps across your technology estate to ensure your key assets are visible.

Continuous Vulnerability Assessment​

We continue to assess the risk posture of your key assets to provide a detailed ongoing picture. Reports are produced at a frequency that suits you and are available to you on demand via our secure platform.

Point-in-Time Vulnerability Assessment​

This gives a detailed one-time snapshot of your security architecture, which can be used to satisfy compliance, help you achieve certification requirements and demonstrate best practice to stakeholders.

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