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Bridewell Predictions Webinar

Bridewell Consulting has taken a look into the cyber events of 2021 and put together a guide to what we understand are the greatest risks and threats heading towards us in the coming year. Our predictions for 2022 will highlight how hybrid working is being used by Cybercriminals, linked in with social engineering and the use of deepfakes. These events along with ‘Hackers for hire’ who develop ransomware, will target the cloud and DevOps environments. Our webinar will take a look at how the 2022 threat landscape will challenge the security sector and those who use its services.

If you have any questions around any cyber security elements relevant to your business, please give our team a call. Our services ensure we cover all areas to identify, protect, detect, respond, and recover from cyber threats 24/7×365. You can reach our team on 03303 110 940, via email at or reach out for a free, no obligation quote at

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