CISO Summit Europe

CISO Summit Europe

CISO Summit 2016

Bridewell Consulting is sponsoring the Annual CISO Europe Summit & Roundtable (10th – 13th May) organised by MIS Training Institute.  The 2016 Summit is taking place in Denmark for the first time and, following the success of CISO 2015 hosted in Geneva, it will again be the meeting place for CISOs. It provides them with the opportunity to discuss new and emerging threats, develop information security strategies, share recent successes and failures and to explore what security looks like now and in the future on the road to transforming digital security in today’s businesses and governments. A global panel of experts will share insights and will unite the crème de la crème of Directors of Information Security, Information and Technology Risk, and Cyber Risk and Resilience from across Europe.

Sponsorship Benefits

Bridewell has sponsored the CISO summit for the last three years. We consider it to be a highly effective setting for CISOs and Security Managers to discuss security issues and concerns in an organised and relaxed atmosphere.  As the summit takes place in a different European city each year there is a wide contrast of attendees with varied experience willing to share what they have learned with their fellow security practitioners.

If you will be attending, we look forward to seeing you there. Also, if you are interested in the event but have yet to book, please let us know and we can help you secure one of the few places left.

Further information on the CISO summit Europe can be found here

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