Certified Information Security & Assurance Specialists

The Challenge

Information Security is a business issue, not a technical one.

Business is dependent on information. Information assets vary between companies and whilst the risks and regulatory controls can be sector dependent, it is vital that management understand the range of threats and vulnerabilities they face. In an increasingly interconnected business environment the risks are real even if to some they are still not necessarily apparent.

Information Security is no longer simply an IT department risk. Companies have a duty of care to their stakeholders, their brand and their reputation. Responsibility needs to flow from executive management and down through a business.

For information security and enterprise governance to succeed executive management need to:
  • Define the strategy for reducing risk of unauthorised access to information technology systems and data.
  • Ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

Companies who succeed in the above are those who can demonstrate the tangible benefits of investing in information security. Companies who are able to demonstrate that it enables rather than hinders business.

Bridewell employ consultants with experience across all sectors of the economy. We can provide consultancy support, advice and guidance. We can also lead and implement information security and assurance programmes either for a specific project or across an entire group.

Services Available
Our Assurance and Certified Cyber Security Consultants are able to provide consultancy and advice on information security to business across all sectors of the economy. Bridewell consultants hold  industry recognised certifications such as: CLAS, CISSP, CISM, CISA, CMIIA, PC.dp,  CRISC, CeH, Tiger, CREST, and the various CESG Certified Professional Scheme (CCP) information Assurance roles, including:
  • Accreditor.
  • IA Auditor.
  • Security Information Risk Advisor.
  • IA Architect.
  • Communication Security Officer.
  • IT Security Officer.
Utilising a combination of our experience, methodologies and tooling, Bridewell Consulting is able to deliver a comprehensive information security and assurance programme. We demonstrate the tangible benefits and introduce clients to the most appropriate standards.
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