Bridewell can supply a full range of information security services to meet your business requirements

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Cyber Security

Bridewell Consulting has a wealth of industry experience and technical expertise in Cyber Security. Our Cyber Security practice is able to investigate, implement and protect your Information and Communication Technology (ICT) services.

Security Testing

Bridewell Consulting advocates security by design. To achieve this it is vital that security testing is embedded into your operational practices and standard project and software development.

Information Security & Assurance

Bridewell Consulting employ Information Security and Assurance consultants with experience across all sectors of the economy. We can provide consultancy support, advice and guidance. We can also lead and implement information security and assurance programmes either for a specific project or across an entire group.

Data Privacy

Bridewell Consulting advises on Data Privacy and specifically on the UK Data Protection Act and the EU Data Protection Directive. Our consultants provide advice and guidance to ensure you become and remain compliant.  Our approach is holistic incorporating Legal, Compliance, Risk and Information Security.

Information Technology and Risk

Information Technology & Risk

A  Bridewell Consulting core offering is identifying the threats and vulnerabilities that you face. We are able to quantify and qualify your risk profile and provide you with an accurate risk assessment. Our advice will allow you to make an informed decision on the necessary investment in information security and technology.

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