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Roundtable: Are Airports Prepared For Cyber Threats?

Bridewells very own Director, Scott Nicholson, speaks to The Airport Industry Review as one of the first companies accredited as Cyber Suppliers by ASSURE about current and future challenges facing airports and airlines.

Scott comments: ‘Aviation organisations do suffer quite a lot of commodity-type threats, such as standard phishing attacks, ransomware – all the standard things that affect any company. Most of them will have two types of IT. They will have standard IT – emails, Excel, HR systems – and the operational technology (OT), which can allow aircraft to take off, control the utilities in and around the airports and the data centres. More so in the OT, the threat there really comes from the damage that can be caused. Often those systems are not connected to the internet, so being able to hack them is extremely difficult/impossible without having physical access to those systems, which is why attackers will often try to get a foothold in a network through the IT environment.’

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