Security Hardening Configuration

Our Service

What we do

Our Security Hardening Configuration (SHC) service is a great way of obtaining a security baseline in your build requirements as an organisation.

Whether you are looking to

  • Harden existing Operating System/s
  • Require a database to be configured securely or
  • Are in the process of a PCI DSS certification project

then this service can really support your organisational needs.

How we do it

We use only recognised industry leading build standards such as NIST and CIS Benchmarks to provide your organisation with a security build solution that provides you with the assurance that your systems are built securely and that you will comply with your industry standards.

Primarily we use Security Benchmarks which describe consensus best practices for the secure configuration of target systems and are developed via extensive collaboration. Configuring IT systems in compliance with CIS Benchmarks has been shown to eliminate 80-95% of known security vulnerabilities. The CIS Benchmarks are globally used and accepted as the de facto user-originated standard for IT security technical controls.

Available Services

This Service can be delivered either:

  • Annually as an ongoing assurance programme or
  • As a one off activity.

If you would like to discuss your requirements please contact us below.

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